Chris Christie’s 2-Hour Apology Does Not Stop South Florida Writer


January 10, 2014
Plantation, FL – The buzz around “Bridgegate” yesterday was topped by Chris Christie’s marathon apology, gripping the nation and gluing Americans to their television and online news outlets. However enticing, the political drama did not distract blogger Alona Martinez from launching her new site, Alona Martinez, a third-culture-kid who grew up in Venezuela and went on to live in New York, Israel, and Mexico, has called Florida her home for the past twenty years and has been blogging about food since 2006 on Her work has been featured in The Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, The Dallas Morning News, and The Oregonian.
In a culinary stage saturated with celebrity status, it is refreshing to read Alona’s approachable writing and enjoy her down-to-earth every day observations on life. Her writing has been described as “informative while being familial” (Amy Stern, VP of Bender Hammerling Group), “sizzling” (Lynn Seldon, travel writer), and “rich with imagery and flavor” (Tara Mataraza, author of Choosing Sides: Classic and New Accompaniments for Any Meal and Almost Meatless.)
Then, of course, there is the added bonus of delectable and easy-to-follow recipes derived from her multi-cultural background that she includes in every post.
Mrs. Martinez announces on her new site that she is currently working on her first book and invites her followers to chime in on her publishing process, once again, drawing readers in and encouraging the accessible nature that characterizes her style.

For more information on Alona Martinez, please visit or send a tweet @culinarycomplsn

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